27 Jun


So my friend, Sari, returned from her trip to Israel last week, and, like any good friend, she brought me a souvenir back with her.
“But first, you need to guess what it is,” she told me.
“Umm... not Goldstar beer!” I said, rolling my eyes. “You know I only like craft-brewed Canadian beer, for a real flavour!”
“Well, it IS a beverage!” Sari replied, excitedly.
“Oh no, don’t tell me you brought me a bottle of breezer?! You know I’m a whiskey, and scotch drinker. Those liqueur are for the beach! I need my winter warmer!.”
Sari shot me a worried glance for a second, but then she said, “Well, it is something different... not what you’d expect...”
“Did you get me holy water from the Gihon Spring?!?!” I was getting flustered.“Oh, no, not water blessed by the Rebbe! What is it???”
“Its TEA okay!!!” She blurted out. “But it’s really nice and you can use it for other things...”
“TEA! You got me tea?!?!” I exclaimed. “Oh, yeah... let’s have a cup of tea with some scrumptious little scones, and stick our pinkie fingers out at a 90° angle.You can’t be serious!?”
Sari began looking at me with a wry smile.
I continued my annoyed outburst:. “How long have you known me? 10 years??? You know I only drink coffee, and espresso at that. Heck... we used to work together at Second Cup, remember?”
“Look Dude,” she said, “You can drink it... it’s really nice hot or cold, but there’s one way you can have it that I know you’ll just love.”

“Aw...gee... mix it with my weed and smoke it?!?” I thought cleverly.
“No, man... but you are getting closer:) you bake these awesome cookies with it, and stuff your "pretty" (she say something else i swear!) face with them!”
“Oh... good one, Sir... as if tea time wasn’t the best choice enough... now I can nibble on my itsy bitsy tea cookies whole I gossip with the old crowed in the lobby, ”shooting Sari another smart-ass glance.
“Trust me... try this recipe. You’ll thank me later.” She said.
Give it try for yourself:


100g - butter

50g + 10g - sugar

Vanilla extract

125g - flour

pinch of salt

1/8 teaspoon of baking powder

1 tablespoon of milk

Preheat the Oven to: 350F / 180 C 

Step 1: To a standard mixer add:

• Butter 

• 50 grams sugar

• vanilla extract

Blend till you get a smooth mixture. 

Step 2:

Remove tea from bag and grind the tea with the 10 grams of the sugar you left on the side, until you get a powdered mixture. 

Step 3

Mix all dry ingredients (flour, sugar and ground tea) in a separate bowl, and add it to the blender while operating on a slow speed.

Add a spoon of milk (might need less or more) till doughy.

Roll the dough to a 3-4 cm diameter size, and throw it in the freezer for 15 min.

With a sharp knife, slice the roll into cookies, and set them on the baking tray.

Bake for approximately 20 min and then enjoy these amazing tea cookies!

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