Welcome to mamtakim.ca
We created a platform in order to provide food, chocolates (yes, we do not count chocolates as food:) and snacks from all over the world, as well with some other products that you possibly love!

Most of our products are kosher, and specialty imported from Israel-but not only,
we will bring the taste and the flavor right to your door step.

We have been working and we will keep working as hard as possible for exclusive deals and saving, finding the right products combined with the right price on the top brands and products, We serving you with LOVE.

Have you heard about Tortit, Pesek Zman, and Mekupelet? Pillows doesn't remind you sleeping time?
so this is the right place for you!
Haven't heard of any of it? even better! Welcome to a new world of tastes and Deals that will never beat!

Welcome and enjoy!